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During Vietnam’s struggle for independence and unification, the movement of solidarity with and support for Vietnam developed strongly throughout Venezuela, a vivid example of which is the kidnapping of CIA Lieutenant Smolen by Venezuelan guerillas to exchange for the freedom of Hero Nguyen Van Troi.

The two countries established diplomatic relations on December 18th, 1989. Vietnam opened its Embassy in Caracas in September 2005 and Venezuelan Embassy in Hanoi was opened in January 2006.

Delegation exchanges:

+ To Venezuela: CPV Secretary General Nong Duc Manh (May 2007), National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Van An (March 2006);

+ To Vietnam: President Hugo Chavez (July 2006).

President Tran Duc Luong met with President Hugo Chavez on the occasion of NAM Summit Conference in La Havana, Cuba (September 2000); President Nguyen Minh Triet met with President Hugo Chavez on the occasion of NAM Summit in La Havana, Cuba (September 2006). Venezuelan Congress set up Congressmen Group for Friendship with Vietnam (March 2006).

The two countries have signed an Agreement on Visa exemption for diplomatic and service passport holders, an agreement to set up political consultation mechanism between the two Foreign Ministries (May 2006); Governmental Cooperation Agreement, cooperation agreements on culture and energy, and an agreement to set up inter-governmental committee for cooperation in various fields (May 2007).

Bilateral trade, though insignificant (the two-way trade volume was USD 8.1 million in 2005 and USD 20 million in 2006), has shown great potential in energy, oil, agriculture, consuming goods industry (electric and electronic products, clothes, shoes…), health care, science and technology.

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