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Viet Nam – Mongolia Relations

Date of Diplomatic Relation establishment: November 17, 1954.

Two countries have signed 3 Friendship and Cooperation Agreements (1961, 1979 and 2000) and about 20 Agreements on cooperation in economy, trade, culture, education, science, technology and other fields.
 Since its establishment in December, 1979, the Joint Governmental Committee on cooperation of economy, science and technology of the two countries has held 12 meetings, playing an important role in the development of the bilateral trade and economic cooperation.
 The Viet Nam - Mongolia Friendship Association (established in 1961) and  the Mongolia – Viet Nam (established in 1960) have been working hard and making great contribution to enhancing mutual understanding between the two peoles.
 During Vietnam's struggle for national salvation and reunification, Mongolia was one of the countries that rendered strongest support to the cause through its nation-wide anti-war movements.
 In July, 1955, President Ho Chi Minh led the first Party - Government Delegation to visit Mongolia. After that, Comrade Pham Van Dong (1973), Comrade Truong Chinh (1984) led Party, State and Government Delegations to visit Mongolia. In 1959 and 1979, on behalf of Mongolian Party and State leaders, Comrade Yu Sedenban and Comrade Gi. Badmenkheu led Mongolian Delegations to visit Viet Nam.  
 Visits by Vietnamese leaders to Mongolia:
- In April, 2004, President Tran Duc Luong visited Mongolia and signed a new Friendship and Cooperation Agreement, ushering the Viet Nam - Mongolia relations to a new development period.
- In October, 1999 Prime Minister Phan Van Khai stopped over in Mongolia
- In May, 2004,  Prime Minister Phan Van Khai officially visited Mongolia. 
- In January, 2003, Chairman of National Assembly Nguyen Van An visited Mongolia.
- In May, 1995, Foreign Minister Nguyen Manh Cam visited  Mongolia.
Visits to Viet Nam by Mongolian Leaders:
- In March, 1994: President P. Orchirabat visited Viet Nam and signed the Joint Viet Nam – Mongolia Declaration formulating basic principles for the development of the bilateral relations under new world context;
- In October, 2002, Prime Minister N. Enkhbaya paid an official visit to Viet Nam.
- In January 2005, President N.Bagabandi paid an official friendship visit to Viet Nam.
- In November, 1998, Chairman of National Assembly R. Gotrikdorgie paid a visit to Viet Nam.
- In January 2004, Chairman of National Assembly S. Themme Orchire paid a visit to Viet Nam.
- In July, 2001,  Foreign Minister L. Eroden Chu Lung paid a visit to Viet Nam.
        The two sides are commited to maintaining exchange of delegations at high level as well as at other levels; attaching importance to strengthening and developing the traditional friendship and cooperation between the 2 countries; and step by step bringing the economic and trade relations to be in pace with the political relations.
  Economic - Trade relations:
 The first trade cooperation agreement between Viet Nam and Mongolia was signed in 1958. Due to difficulties of transportation and limited capacities of both sides, the bilateral trade volume currently stands at about US$1.5 to 2 million. However, the two countries have great potential to develop the trade relation. The two sides are discussing measures to increase the trade volume to US$5 to 10 million in the years to come.    
  Cultural - Education relations:
 The exchange of students, cultural exchange and cooperation have been going on since 1960s. The bilateral cooperation  has been based on the Agreements signed by the two governments. By 1990, Mongolia had trained over 100 Vietnamese technicians. Now, the two countries maintain the exchange of students according to the new Agreement signed in 2006: i.e. every year Viet Nam receives 15 to 20 Mongolian students and trainees.

(July- 2007)

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