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I. Viet Nam – Albania relations

Albania recognized and established diplomatic relations with Viet Nam on  February 11th 1950. From 1954 to 1975, Albanian offered Viet Nam with government aids in goods (16.1 million rubles) and people aids (1.5 million rubles).

Since the change in the Albanian political regime (March 1992), the two countries maintained normal relations. Albania closed its Embassy in Hanoi on 24th June 1992 and assigned its Ambassador to Malaysia to hold duty in Viet Nam. On July 9th 1992, Viet Nam closed its Embassy in Tirana and assigned its Ambassador to Hungary to be in charge of Albania. The two foreign ministries have exchanged diplomatic notes to exempt visas for people holding diplomatic and official passports. In January 1996, Viet Nam sent an economic-trade delegation headed by its Trade Deputy Minister to visit Albania and signed an economic-trade cooperation Agreement, as well as an Agreement on Cooperation in culture, science and technology./.

II. Address of Diplomatic Missions

Vietnamese Embassy in Hungary, covering Albania
1146 Thokoly ut 41, Budapest, Hungary
Tel: (00) (361)342 5583/342 9922; Consulate: 343 3836
Fax: (00) (361) 352 8798

Albanian Embassy in Malaysia, covering Viet Nam
31st Floor, UBN Tower, Jalan P Ramlee 50250, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (00) (60) (3) 207 88690/ 207 83829
Fax: (00) (60) (3) 20702285

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