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1. Documents of legalization and consular certification consist of the following:

1.1 Duly filled consular legalization and certification form (fully filled in);

1.2 The origin copy of the documents requested to be legalized or certified or a notarised copy (sealed and signed);
1.3 Each document (irrespective of the number of copies) listed in 1.2 has to be attached with one copy for record at the Consular Department.
Documents requested to be legalized in foreign languages (except for English) has to be attached with a translated copy in Vietnamese or English for comparison and record.

2. Requirements for applicants:
2.1  Individual submitting their own documents: Show ID documents (identity card or passport or other valid ID documents) along with a copy of this document attached with the submitted documents.
2.2  Individual submitting documents for others: Apart from the requirements in 2.1, an authorisation certified by relevant authorities is required (either by the Notary, local People’s Committees or relevant Vietnamese diplomatic missions or consular posts in the host country (for overseas Vietnamese)…). If the individual submitting the documents is the father, mother, husband, wife or children…, authorisation is exempted but documents proving the relationship (such as birth/marriage certificates, household registration…) and a copy of these must be submitted for record.
2.3  Those who submit documents for agencies or organizations: apart from the requirements provided in section 2.1, he or she should also submit a letter of introduction (signed and stamped by a competent authority) of the agencies or organizations. The letter should clearly specify the personal identification (full name, date of birth, ID or passport number) of the person authorized to submit the documents as well as the number of papers he or she has been authorized to complete.
2.4  Those who submit documents, as mentioned in section 2.1, 2.2, and    2.3, should arrange the documents in the following order: application form, the original and a photocopy of his or her personal ID, authorization or introduction letter (if available), documents for legalization or certification accompanied by a photocopy of each individual document.

3. Collection:
3.1 Under 10 copies: 2 working days
3.2 Over 10 copies: within 10 working days
3.3 In complicated cases or cases requiring clarification: 2 working days upon receiving the clarification or approval of competent authorities.

4. Consular legalization and certification fees
(In accordance with Circular No. 134/TT-BTC dated December 31, 2004 issued by the Ministry of Finance of the S.R. Vietnam)





Legalization of foreign documents for use in Vietnam

160.000 VND/ copy


Consular certification of Vietnamese documents for use abroad

15.000 VND/ copy


Consular certification of Vietnamese documents and its compatibility with Vietnamese law (M5 form) for use abroad

30.000 VND/copy

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