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Party leader sums up Party Central Committee's session

VNA: The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, at its 11th session, upholding the spirit of frankness in criticism and self-criticism, made an objective and honest assessment of what it had done, Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh said at the end of the nine-day session on January 25.

In his closing speech, the Party leader said the Party Central Committee, while affirming the  achievements already obtained, had frankly pointed out its shortcomings and mistakes, searched for their causes and drew lessons therefrom. He stressed that although the Party, the people and the army had implemented the 9th National Party Congress's resolutions for only four years, what they had done in those years despite many difficulties and challenges, especially in 2004, together with a forecast for 2005, constituted very important achievements not only in economics, but also in culture, social affairs, national defence, security, foreign relations, and the building of the Party and the political system. Nevertheless, General Secretary Manh noted that there are still weaknesses and mistakes, some very serious, in all fields.

The Party leader said, "Looking back over 20 years of renovation, we unanimously conclude that the achievements are great and comprehensive, bearing historic significance in terms of both theory and practice. The country has undergone fundamental changes over the past 20 years: it has risen out of a socio-economic crisis, attained rapid economic growth; formed a market economy operating along a socialist orientation; industrialisation and modernisation are being strongly accelerated; the people's living conditions have been improved markedly; the political system and the national unity bloc have been strengthened under the Party's leadership; the country's overall strength has increased, and its position in the international arena has been continuously enhanced".

He went on to say, "Those great accomplishments have proven that the Party's policy of renovation is correct and creative, and that our country's chosen course to advance to socialism is suitable to Vietnam's situation. The renovation policy has received strong support from the Vietnamese people, who are determined to implement it. The accomplishments have been welcomed and recognised by the world. It is important to note that after 20 years leading and guiding the renovation process, the Party and the State have accumulated much experience, and the understanding of socialism and the path to socialism has become clearer."

"In addition to those immense achievements, many weaknesses and shortcomings still remain, including theoretical issues that have yet not been made clear, and practical matters that have not yet been promptly and effectively settled in order to arrive at the best solution."

The Party leader asserted: "In the next five years, our Party, State and people are determined to enhance the Party's leading role and combat strength, mobilise the entire people's strength, and accelerate the renovation process comprehensively and simultaneously. We aim to bring the country out of the state of under-development and further improve the people's spiritual and material life by 2010, thus creating a foundation for the country to become an industrialised country by 2020."

On the preparations for the Party congresses at various levels and the 10th National Party Congress, the Party leader spoke of the need to combine this work with the implementation of the tasks laid down at the ninth National Party Congress.

He noted that fulfilling the tasks assigned at the Party's ninth National Congress and the 2001-05 socio-economic development plan must be considered the priority and that by so doing we can prove that the forecast for future achievements will become a reality as affirmed at this Party Central Committee's session.

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