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Argentina celebrates Viet Nam's major events

(VNA) - "Sixty years of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam" has become a hot topic for a series of activities in Argentina over recent days.

Two Argentine cable networks broadcast reports, praising Viet Nam for its history of struggle against invaders, socio-economic achievements it recorded in the renewal process as well as its land and people.

The programme on coming to the Orient on TV Channel 65 highlighted achievements on the socio-economic development of the Vietnamese people in recent years and extolled patriotism, the spirit of national solidarity, and the culture and national identity of the Vietnamese people. With the incidental music of "dan bau" (monochord) in illustration, the TV spoke of the beauty and grace of Vietnamese women's traditional dress.

Besides, TV Channel 44 repeatedly screened images and documentary films made by Vietnamese photographers with comments praising Vietnamese photographers' courage on their career and the country's staunchness.

Meanwhile, the Buenos Aires Post in collaboration with the Argentina-Viet Nam Cultural Institute (ICAV) decided to use a postal seal carrying the face of a Vietnamese girl with a conical and a phrase "60 years of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam - 2/9/1945-2005".

The ICAV plans to organise a workshop on the Vietnamese land and people at the Argentina University of Technology.

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