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Vietnamese Foreign Minister Nguyen Dy Nien at the Ministerial Meeting of NAM Foreign Ministers in New York: Viet Nam to work closely with non-aligned movement countries

(VNA) - "Viet Nam will earnestly work with all non-aligned movement (NAM) countries to make the 14th NAM Summit a success," Vietnamese Foreign Minister Nguyen Dy Nien said at the Ministerial Meeting of NAM Foreign Ministers in New York on September 20.

He said: "We are living in a world with great opportunities and challenges intertwined and let us then not forget either that the world is still unequal and disadvantageous to the majority of its population and to the people of developing countries. We, as countries of the Non-Aligned Movement, therefore must remain strong, cohesive and resilient, must uphold and adhere to the fundamental principles of the Movement and the UN Charter, and must promote and strengthen the multilateral process as an indispensable vehicle in safeguarding the interests of member states of the Movement as well as those of the United Nations'. "

He suggested the NAM and its 14th Summit in Cuba in 2006 give priority to measures to strengthen the Movement's solidarity and coordination of positions regarding issues important to the Movement and to the world. The NAM must strive for a more effective and democratised United Nations, and to speed up the realisation of the United Nations Millennium Goals.

He said he believed that with solidarity and cooperation, the Movement will become the foundation for developing countries to build a just and better world.

Regarding the UN reform, Nien said Viet Nam shares the common view of NAM member countries that it is the most important issue.

He said: "Despite some shortcomings, the UN has galvanised collective actions and made important contributions to the promotion of many essential issues related to peace, security and development. We always hold the UN Charter as the bedrock of international law and count on the Organisation immensely as the pre-eminent and indispensable forum for addressing critical and complex global issues. To meet the expectation of all countries, the UN needs to assert its ability to revitalise and reform itself towards democratisation, transparency, and improved efficiency."

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