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Viet Nam attends NAM meeting on human rights

Viet Nam advocates dialogue, cooperation and exchanges with other countries on cultural issues and human rights on the basis of equality, mutual respect and understanding but at the same time opposes cultural domination and influence in the name of human rights.

That remark was made by Deputy Foreign Minister Le Van Bang at the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Ministerial Meeting on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity in Tehran, Iran on September 3rd - 4th.

“Viet Nam was at the vanguard in the movement’s struggle against colonialism and imperialism to regain our national independence and fundamental rights for our citizens,” Bang said at the meeting, which drew the participation of more than 90 delegations from the NAM member countries, including 56 ministerial-level delegations.

Bang went on to say that Viet Nam opposes double standards on human rights policy and strongly supported all NAM member countries regarding human rights at the UN.

He called all NAM member countries to unite, assist each other and support the movement’s standpoint on human rights.

Bang stressed countries should, while accepting the value of human rights, respect each nation’s rights to make it decision and approach to human rights issue in the context of their own development, cultural, historical and religious characteristics.

He said: “Human rights should not be used as a political tool but a factor to help countries and communities become closer. Only through cooperation and frank dialogue based on equality and mutual respect should countries and nations understand and learn from each other to narrow on the differences in order to protect and enhance universal human rights.

Delegates from other countries seconded the need to respect cultural diversity while encouraging dialogue would as a basis to effectively implement human rights, as well as to strengthen and promote peace, friendship and mutual understanding between nations.

The delegates passed a statement and programme of actions, including an initiative to set up a NAM centre for human rights and cultural diversity in Tehran in order to intensify exchanges and cooperation between NAM member countries and other countries.-(VNA)

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