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Romanian foreign minister talks bilateral ties with VN

VNA - Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu has granted an exclusive interview to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) on the occasion of the official visit to Romania by Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Gia Khiem and the upcoming 60 th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries in February 2010.

22-06-2009 | 16:49:22

The interview runs as follows:

Question : The fine relations between Vietnam and Romania have been tested by the time as the two countries established diplomatic ties almost 60 years ago. Would you please give your own assessment on the development of bilateral relations? What are prominent celebrative activities to be conducted by the two countries to mark this important event?

Answer: I do have all reasons to characterize the relationship between our countries as very good, which demonstrates their force and resisting capacity to the proof of the time. The durability of this relationship derives from strong aspiration towards national progress of our peoples all along their history, for independence, freedom, unity. It derives also from the friendly solidarity manifested in difficult moments and from the mutual, disinterested support which the two countries gave each other in the past and now. The last 20 years, a period in which both Romania and Vietnam committed themselves on the way of reforms and regional integration, conferred to the traditional friendly relation and cooperation between the two countries a new dynamics, joining in a permanently growing trend, as it is certified by the evolution of the political, economic, cultural ties, and in other fields.

The close anniversary of 60 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Romania and Vietnam (February 3 rd , 1950 – February 3 rd , 2010) offers an opportunity of legitimated satisfaction, but also of careful evaluation of the existing potentialities for the further strengthening of bilateral cooperation, to the benefice of the two peoples. The contemplated activities for emphasizing this moment of reference in the bilateral relationship aims at restating the significance of the celebrated event, the projection of the remarkable results already achieved, and of the prospects of the traditional cooperation and friendly ties, of deep mutual knowledge through the fostering of cultural exchanges and contacts at the people to people level in all fields of activity.

Question: The Romanian people gave precious support and assistance to the Vietnamese people in their past struggle for national independence, and today, the two countries always give special attention to each other. In spite of enjoying such fruitful cooperation in the political aspect, bilateral economic, commercial and investment cooperation has fallen behind their potential and expectations. Would you please recommend measures to promote bilateral cooperation for mutual benefit, thus contributing to national construction and development in both countries?

Answer : The bilateral relations between Romania and Vietnam have reached a maturity level and enjoy a modern legal framework covering almost all areas of activity. During this official visit will be signed the Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. In the near future will be finalized the process of amending several bilateral documents, following the Romanian accession to the European Union and the alignment of our country to the European Community framework. In the meantime will continue the negotiations for signing new agreements, which will stimulate even more the increase of the bilateral exchanges.

There are strong links between the Chambers of Commerce from the two countries, between the companies organizing international fairs and exhibitions, at the level of local authorities. I agree with your opinion that the economic and commercial relations between Romania and Vietnam , as well as the investments, did not fully benefit from the good political and legal foundation and from the potential of the two economies which are in full upsurge. Still, the relationship with Vietnam is not a singular case. There is a gap between the economic and political relations, because of the priorities for the regional integration and market economy mechanisms, on the one hand, and the considerable reduction of the state intervention in the economic activity, on the other hand. The statement does not apply to all areas, because during this period the cooperation in the petroleum industry has constantly increased, establishing new ways of cooperation like the one between Petroconsult and the Vietnamese Institute for Oil and Gas, which we would like to see applied to other fields as well. It is the duty of the Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation to meet and discuss a pragmatic agenda, to propose new projects and suitable methods for cooperation, to give a new push to the bilateral trade and cooperation in the field of investment. I think it is necessary to reactivate other mechanisms agreed by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, by the companies organizing international trade fairs and exhibitions, by the local authorities, to stimulate the bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

Question : In your opinion, what are influences of the promotion and expansion of the Vietnam-Romania relationship on the EU-ASEAN, the Vietnam-EU, and the Romania-ASEAN ties?

Answer : The strategic options of Romania and Vietnam at the end of the past century opened to the two countries the way for their integration into the most dynamic regional organizations – the European Union and the ASEAN, which became true driving forces of development in the two regions after the disappearance of the artificial boundaries of the cold war. The participation at the two political and economic groupings confers new valences to the traditional ties between our two countries, thus contributing both to their further strengthening and deepening, and to bringing closer to the EU and ASEAN. The traditional relationship and the positive experiences accumulated during the six decades, the complementarity of the two economies, the lack of every argument in the bilateral ties and, last but not least, the human capital represented by over 3,000 Vietnamese graduates of the Romanian Universities represent a huge potential, likely to contribute to fostering the ties between the EU and ASEAN, by a better capitalization of the Romania–Vietnam relationship. Our countries may represent for each other the entering gates to the two organizations and a reliable mutual support. The relationship between the EU and ASEAN represents much more than the relations between two regional organizations, being also the sum of the bilateral relations between the member states of the two regional groupings. From this prospect, the relations between our two countries are able to positively influence the relations between and with each one of the two organizations. It is our duty to fully put into value this capital in the forthcoming period./.

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