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 Vietnam supports efforts for ceasefire in Gaza [100%] by vubaochi, 15-01-2009

Geneva (VNA) – Vietnam fully supports the intensified and coordinated efforts of the international community to establish an immediate, permanent, effective ...

 Vietnam urges immediate stop of violence in Gaza [99%] by None, 07-01-2009

Vietnam has urged all parties concerned to immediately and unconditionally stop all acts of violence in the Gaza Strip where unjustifiable violence and attacks ...

 Vietnam supports peace in Gaza Strip [99%] by vubaochi, 04-02-2009

VNA - Vietnam continues to support every effort by the United Nations, regional countries and the international community to ensure peace in Gaza Strip, said a ...

 Vietnam calls for stop of violence in Gaza [97%] by vubaochi, 05-01-2009

New York (VNA) – A Vietnamese ambassador expressed his deep concern over a series of attacks on Palestinian and Israeli civilians since the truce in Gaza ...

 Vietnam requests an end to violence in Gaza Strip [97%] by vubaochi, 19-01-2009

New York (VNA) – A Vietnamese diplomat has called upon the concerned parties to immediately stop violence and implement the ceasefire agreement in the Gaza ...

 Vietnam calls for int’l assistance to Gaza [95%] by vubaochi, 24-02-2009

Vietnam has called on the international community to intensify humanitarian activities and assistance to the socio-economic reconstruction in Gaza.

 Vietnam’s reaction to Israel’s ground attack on Gaza Strip on the morning of January 4, 2009 [95%] by vubaochi, 21-01-2009

 Vietnam’s response to Israel’s air attack on Gaza on 27 December 2008 [95%] by vubaochi, 21-01-2009

 Viet Nam is concerned about the current situation in the Gaza Strip of Palestine [94%] by None, 19-02-2008

 Vietnam supports peaceful settlement of Israeli-Palestinian conflict [94%] by vubaochi, 12-01-2009

New York (VNA) – Deputy Foreign Minister Le Luong Minh affirmed Viet Nam ’s steadfast support for the peaceful settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian ...

 Vietnam calls on Israel to cease violence and blockade of Gaza [94%] by None, 05-11-2009

VNA 03/11/2009 - Vietnam has called on Israel to stop its violent actions and end the blockade of the Gaza Strip as well as taking international conventions on ...

 Vietnam diplomat calls for solution to Gaza crisis [93%] by None, 10-12-2008

(VNA) - Ambassador Bui The Giang voiced deep concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Israel-besieged Gaza during a UN Security Council debate ...

 Vietnam voices solidarity with Palestine [93%] by None, 03-12-2009

VNA 01/12/2009 - Ambassador Hoang Chi Trung, Deputy Permanent Representative of Vietnam at the UN, has urged Israel to immediately stop expanding settlements ...

 Vietnam Condemns Israeli Military's Raid on Aid Flotilla [90%] by vubaochi, 06-07-2010

On May 31, 2010, the Israeli military attacked an aid flotilla bound for Gaza in international waters. Regarding Vietnam's reaction to the Israeli action, ...

 Vietnam applauds Israel-Palestine talks [87%] by None, 28-11-2008

(VNA) - A Vietnamese ambassador has welcomed the commitment voiced by Israel and Palestine at the Nov. 9 Quartet meeting to continue their bilateral ...

 The 6th Regular Press Conference [85%] by vubaochi, 16-02-2019

 THE 6TH REGULAR PRESS CONFERENCE [85%] by vubaochi, 06-08-2018

 VN welcomes positive developments in Mid-East [84%] by vubaochi, 27-08-2008

Vietnam welcomes a number of positive developments across the Middle East over the past month, stated Vietnamese representative to the United Nations Security ...

 Vietnam supports peaceful solution to Middle East situation [83%] by None, 29-06-2009

VNA - Vietnam welcomes the support by concerned parties for a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East region, based on the vision of two ...

 Vietnam hopes for comprehensive solution to Mid-east peace process [83%] by vubaochi, 24-08-2009

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