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Spokesperson’s Statement:
 08-11-2018 The 16th Regular Press Conference
 20-10-2018 The 14th Regular Press Conference
 24-09-2018 Remarks by Spokesperson on the suggestion by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the 11th meeting of the Steering Committee for Viet Nam – China Bilateral Cooperation
 24-09-2018 The 13th Regular Press Conference 20/09/2018
 30-08-2018 The 12th Regular Press Conference 23/08/2018
 22-08-2018 The 3rd Indian Ocean Conference – “Building Regional Architectures”
 15-12-2017 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Pham Binh Minh to visit Republic of Korea
 01-11-2017 APEC Economic Leaders' Week to be held in Da Nang, Viet Nam
 05-09-2017 Press Release on the official visit to Viet Nam by First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia
 05-09-2017 Press Release on the official visit to Viet Nam by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
 19-04-2018 Remarks by MOFA Spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang on new developments in Syria on April 15th 2018
 27-10-2014 Remarks of MOFA Deputy Spokesperson Pham Thu Hang on the avalanche in Nepal
 06-03-2012 Announcement on the Regular Press Conferences of Foreign Ministry's Spokesperson in March 2012
Press Conferences:
 06-08-2018 The 11th Regular Press Conference 02/8/2018
 20-07-2018 The 10th Regular Press Conference 19/7/2018
 04-06-2018 Remarks by MOFA' Spokesperson at the Regular Press Conference on May 31st
 23-03-2018 The 3rd Regular Press Conference in 2018
 08-09-2017 Regular Press Conference
Legal Documents:
 17-10-2012 Réglementant les activités d’information et de presse de la presse étrangère, des organes de représentation étrangère et des organisations étrangères au Vietnam
 17-10-2012 Decree on information and journalistic activities by foreign press, foreign representative offices and foreign organizations in Viet Nam
 28-10-2017 Media handbook
 23-05-2017 Apec 2017 Overview
 08-05-2017 Enjoy watching "Charming Viet Nam" in your language
 04-10-2014 (Video) Documentary: General Vo Nguyen Giap
 07-05-2014 (Video) Documentary: Dien Bien Phu victory and lucid decisions

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