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Spokesperson’s Statement

07-06-2004 Reject fabrications by Ksor Kok and the Montagnard Foundation
02-06-2004 Ksor Kok's acts must be prevented and punished properly
28-05-2004 Reject Human Rights Watch's fabrication
27-05-2004 Reject biased remarks about Vietnam by Amnesty International
24-05-2004 Nguyen Vu Binh is serving his sentence in prison in normal health condition
24-05-2004 Rejecting fabrication by the Freedom House
21-05-2004 Regarding the 2003-2004 “ Supporting Human Rights and Democracy” Report by the US State Department
19-05-2004 Vietnam supports "one-China" policy
18-05-2004 Vietnam welcomes the result of the Indian parliament election
14-05-2004 Vietnam congratulates Korean President Roh Moo-Hyun
13-05-2004 The Resolution 378 is an act of interference into internal affairs of Vietnam
13-05-2004 Australian navy ships visit Vietnam
10-05-2004 Vietnam strongly condemns the brutal terrorist act in Groznyi, the Russian Federation
07-05-2004 Vietnam’s reaction to Iraqi prisoners’ abuse by the US and British soldiers
07-05-2004 Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sar Kheng visit to Vietnam
06-05-2004 Regarding the construction of an airport and opening of an air route to Truong Sa archipelago
29-04-2004 Deputy Foreign Minister of the Vatican visit to Vietnam
29-04-2004 The US affirms not to support any organizations or individual to carry out activities to overthrow the Vietnamese government
28-04-2004 Thich Huyen Quang and Thich Quang Do are leading a normal life and practicing their religion as usual
28-04-2004 Regarding topics of debate in the US Presidential election campaign

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