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Spokesperson’s Statement

07-05-2004 Vietnam’s reaction to Iraqi prisoners’ abuse by the US and British soldiers
07-05-2004 Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sar Kheng visit to Vietnam
06-05-2004 Regarding the construction of an airport and opening of an air route to Truong Sa archipelago
29-04-2004 Deputy Foreign Minister of the Vatican visit to Vietnam
29-04-2004 The US affirms not to support any organizations or individual to carry out activities to overthrow the Vietnamese government
28-04-2004 Thich Huyen Quang and Thich Quang Do are leading a normal life and practicing their religion as usual
28-04-2004 Regarding topics of debate in the US Presidential election campaign
28-04-2004 The appeal trial of Nguyen Vu Binh
27-04-2004 Vietnam is fully capable of preventing the return of SARS
24-04-2004 Vietnam rejects fabricated information released by Human Rights Watch
19-04-2004 Information on the recent situation in the Central Highlands
16-04-2004 Regarding the situation in Central Highlands and Vietnam - EU relation
16-04-2004 Vietnam is very concerned about the current escalating tension in Iraq
14-04-2004 Reject flat fabrication made by the Montagnard Foundation.
14-04-2004 There is no one beaten to death in Buon Ma Thuot as reported by Human Rights Watch
14-04-2004 All aspects of life in the Central Highlands remain normal
12-04-2004 Information on recent situation in some areas in the Central Highland provinces
08-04-2004 The invitees of the ceremony commemorating the 50 th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu victory
08-04-2004 No Central Highland ethnic minority people illegally cross the border to Cambodia to seek asylum
08-04-2004 U.S Embassy officials' visit to Hue and Thich Thien Hanh

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