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Regarding US President George Bush's decision to include Vietnam in the list of countries eligible for receiving assistance from the US-sponsored global anti-HIV/AIDS Program


Reuters:  What is Vietnam’s reaction to the announcement that US is including in its 15 billion USD AIDS funding program?


Vietnam welcomes US President George Bush's decision to include Vietnam in the list of countries eligible for receiving assistance from the US-sponsored global anti-HIV/AIDS Program. This demonstrates the cooperation endeavor of nations in the fight against the century epidemic.  HIV/AIDS is a dangerous epidemic, threatening human health and life. Its adverse consequences have by no means been confined to a nation or a continent but affected the entire globe.

HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities have been implemented vigorously in Vietnam. Vietnam has actively accomplished its national and international commitments to HIV/AIDS prevention and control. With the efforts by the Government, the participation of the entire society and international cooperation, we have constrained the pace of HIV/AIDS infection in the country.

In order to make HIV/AIDS prevention activities more effective, control the spread of the epidemic and mitigate its impacts, on 17th March 2004, Vietnam's Prime Minister signed Decision No.36/2004/QD-TTg that approves the National Strategy on HIV /AIDS Prevention and Control till 2010 with the Vision to 2020.

Vietnam has signed major international documents and conventions related to HIV/AIDS such as the Millennium Declaration signed by 189 Heads of State in September 2000. Vietnam has also joined the Declaration on Commitment on HIV/AIDS in the Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on HIV/AIDS in June 2001. Vietnam has cooperated closely with neighboring and regional countries on HIV/AIDS prevention and control.

Regarding HIV/AIDS spread in Vietnam, the first HIV infection case was found in December 1990. By 31 December 2003, 76,180 HIV-infected people had been reported across the country, of whom 11,659 were full-blown AIDS patients and 6,550 died of AIDS. In 2003, it was estimated that the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Vietnam was 0.23% of the total population. Vietnam's target is to control HIV/AIDS infection in the community at the rate of below 0.3% by 2010 with no increase after 2010.

International cooperation plays an especially important role in our HIV/AIDS prevention and control program. International organizations and foreign governments have provided considerable supports to HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities in Vietnam. With the aid of US$ 3.6 million of the Japanese Government, 10 southern provinces and cities have been supplied with basically adequate equipment. The British Government has committed to provide a non-refundable aid of US$ 25 million in the 2003-2007 period. The governments of Germany, Australia, the US and Luxembourg have supplied financial support for HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities. Vietnam and the US have three big HIV/AIDS prevention cooperation programs provided by US Government assistance channeled through USAID with the total amount of US$ 29 million. The UN organization and non-governmental organizations have provided capital and technical supports to the HIV/AIDS prevention and control programs. The aid sources and cooperation programs on HIV/AIDS prevention and control have been considered efficient and help enhance awareness and implementation of effective measures in HIV/AIDS prevention and control, thus making important contribution to the cause of preventing, controlling and pushing back HIV/AIDS in Vietnam.

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