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FM Spokesperson remarks on construction of the hydro-power dams along the Mekong River

Regarding the construction of hydro-power dams, including the Sayaburi dam, along the Mekong River, Vietnamese Foreign spokesperson Nguyen Phuong Nga said:

"As an international river, Mekong River has a great significance to the socio- economic development as well as the cultural and spiritual life of people of the countries along the river. Vietnam, a Mekong river riparian, hopes countries concerned will work closely together to conduct thorough and comprehensive study the impact the Mekong river hydropower projects may bring about prior to the construction. Mekong river countries should closely cooperate on the fair and reasonable share of resource usage, particularly the water resource, in a way that ecological environment be protected, sustainable development be maintained for the whole Mekong River Basin, for the sake of countries and people living in this area."

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