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Notice on Regular Press Conference

1. According to CSIS, China has almost finished its major military buildup in the artificial islands that China illegally built in the Truong Sa (Spratlys) area of Vietnam and its weapons can be readily deployed at any time. What is your comment on this?

Vietnamese competent authorities are verifying the information. Again, we would like to reiterate once again that Vietnam has sufficient legal foundation and historical evidence to affirm our sovereignty over the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and the Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagos. We request the parties concerned to respect Vietnam’s sovereignty, act responsibly and take no actions that could further complicate the situation and threaten peace, stability, security, maritime safety, freedom of navigation and overflight in the East Sea.

2. Relating to the murder case of the Vietnamese 9-year-old girl in Japan, do you have any information on the post mortem? Has the cause of death been confirmed?

I believe all of us grieve the death of the girl.  We strongly condemn such a barbarous murder. We again would like to share the deepest, heartfelt condolences with the girl’s family and wish they will soon get over this tragic loss.

As soon as the news of the murder came out, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs instructed the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan to closely work with the Japanese authorities and request them to urgently investigate the murder. We believe the Japanese side will soon find and bring the murderer to justice. Our Embassy of Vietnam in Japan has been in a continued process to coordinate closely with the Japanese relevant authorities to follow the case in order to get the early answer to the relevant issues.

3. Is there any information or confirmation on the cause of death of a Vietnamese citizen inside a migrant station in Japan. Is it a suicide or a murder?

The Embassy of Vietnam in Japan is working very closely with the Japanese authorities on the case. As of today, no further information on the case has yet been disclosed by the Japanese side.

4. Do you have any information on the arrest of 43 Vietnamese in Solomon?

The Embassy of Vietnam in Australia accredited to Solomon is working with Solomon authorities to verify the information regarding the 43 fish-men and 3 fishing vessels so as to provide proper consular protection for them.

5. Yesterday, the US State Department gave IWOC award to Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh. What is your comment on this?

Our consistent policy is to protect and promote the basic rights of the people, including women’s rights. The efforts and achievements that Vietnam has been making in increasingly protecting and promoting the people’s basic rights are widely and highly recognized by the international community.

We believe that the awarding (by the US State Department to an individual who is in custody for investigation of Vietnamese law violation) is a unobjective move, irrelevant and detrimental to the development of ties between the two countries.

6. China and the Philippines are going for a round of negotiation on the South China Sea issue. How does Vietnam react to this?

It is Vietnam’s consistent view that while we welcome peaceful solutions to disputes in the East Sea in accordance with international law, including UNCLOS, we believe that those issues concerning two parties shall be dealt with by the two parties concerned and those issues concerning multiparties shall be dealt with accordingly between all parties concerned.

7. Phnom Post reported that officials from ASEAN and China are meeting in Siem Riep to discuss the Code of conducts in the South China Sea. What does Vietnam expect to come out from this meeting as well as from the host country Cambodia?

It should be noted that it is in the shared interest of each individual ASEAN member country and the ASEAN Community as a whole to maintain peace, security and stability in the region as well as in the East Sea. From that point of view, ASEAN countries, including Vietnam, always see and agree that an effective Code of Conducts should soon be formed in accordance with international law, especially the 1982 UNCLOS so as to ensure peace, security, maritime safety and freedom of navigation in the East Sea.

8. Could you tell how much the cost of hiring lawyers for Doan Thi Huong is and who is going to pay that?

As we have informed the media in the consular news update yesterday, lawyers have been arranged to provide legal protection for Doan Thi Huong and the two Malaysian lawyers who will participate in the legal process are renowned lawyers. Further information will be available to the media later whenever suitable and possible.

9. Could you provide ID of the Vietnamese young man who committed suicide in Osaka, Japan?

As soon as the news of incident emerged, the Vietnamese Consular in Osaka has immediately contacted the district police in Nishinari, Osaka to acquire the information. Right now, according to the local police, the investigation has just started and they are not able therefore at this stage to disclose any further information. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has instructed our Consular Office in Osaka to continue to work with local authorities on this case and report back home as new information is available.


10. Back to the case of the girl in Japan. Her family said they got some difficulties in Japanese language and in understanding Japanese legal system when they have to work with the local police and authorities. Is there any assistance from the Ministry or the Embassy for the family in this regard? 

Since the beginning of the case, the Embassy of Vietnam in Japan has been standing by the girl’s family, working with the Japanese authorities to assist them along the process. Staffs at the Embassy were available throughout the weekend to assist the family. Now all we are hoping for is the murderer will soon be traced and brought to justice./.

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