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Basic Information

Functions & Objectives of the Viet Nam National Commissionfor UNESCO

The Viet Nam National Commission for UNESCO was established under the Decree no. 251/TTg signed by the Vietnamese Prime Minister on June 15th 1977. As an inter-ministerial organ and a national focal point for the relationship between Viet Nam and UNESCO, the Commission has the following functions and objectives:

- Researching for and submitting to the Prime Minister all the issues related to the orientation, policies, programs and action plans of Viet Nam towards UNESCO;
- Coordinating and harmonizing activities of sectors such as education, science, culture and information and communicationsin Viet Nam in the framework of the cooperation with UNESCO, to carry out the duties and responsibilities of Viet Nam as a member of UNESCO;
- Informing about activities of UNESCO to the Vietnamese competent authorities and unions;
- Contacting with UNESCO Headquarter, UNESCO's regional offices and National Commissions for UNESCO of other member states;
- Contacting with Vietnamese Embassies abroad, the Permanent Mission of Viet Nam to UNESCO in Paris and representative offices of Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Viet Nam on issues related to UNESCO.

Structure of the Commission

The Viet Nam National Commission for UNESCO contains 5 sub-commissions and the Secretariat:

- Culture (under the Ministry of Information and Communications)
- Education (under the Ministry of Education and Training)
- Natural Sciences (under the Ministry of Science and Technology)
- Social Sciences (under the National Center for Social Sciences and Humanities)
- Communication (under the Viet Nam News Agency)
- Secretariat (under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Current leaders of the Viet Nam National Commission for the UNESCO:
- President: a Permanent Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
- Vice Presidents: Vice Ministers of the Ministry of Information and Communications; Ministry of Education and Training; Ministry of Science and Technology; Director of the Viet Nam News Agency and Vice Chairman of National Center for Social Sciences and Humanities.
- Members: Representatives from sectors such as Culture, Education, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Communications.

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