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Thứ năm, ngày 15 tháng 11 năm 2018 Tìm kiếm
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High tea of ASEAN Community Women’s Circle of Ha Noi

On August 3, 2017, ASEAN Community Women’s Circle of Ha Noi (AWCH) had a meeting at a tea party (High tea) hosted by Madam Marichu Servigon, Spouse of the Philippines’ Ambassador– ASEAN Chair 2017, AWCH First Vice Chairwoman.

The meeting was attended by Ambassador Nguyen Nguyet Nga, Spouse of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Pham Binh Minh, the Honorary Chairwoman of AWCH, together with members of AWCH,  spouses and female officials from Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ASEAN countries in Ha Noi.

This meeting holds exceptional meaning as it took place on the occasion of the 50th golden anniversary of ASEAN establishment, 22 years anniversary of Viet Nam joining the ASEAN and 2 years anniversary of the establishment of the AWCH. During the meeting, AWCH members had reviewed the activities since its establishment in August 2015 and discussed the plan for the upcoming time and several matters concerning the organization of the Group. With the experience acquired through its passionate, enthusiastic and fruitful activities during the last two years, AWCH members agreed and affirmed its determination in the upcoming time to strengthen its activities, to enhance the understanding of the ASEAN Community as well as to further contribute to the process of building the ASEAN Community.

At the meeting, AWCH members agreed to successfully implement the following activities in the coming time: (i) "ASEAN Golden Festival" on August 26, 2017; (ii) charity visit to Nam Dinh City which includes providing equipment for Nguyen Phuc Secondary School, Lien Minh Commune, Vu Ban District and giving gifts to children at Nam Dinh Center for children with disabilities on September 5, 2017 and (iii) International Food Fair which is scheduled for December 10, 2017.

Speaking at the meeting, AWCH Honorary Chairwoman Nguyen Nguyet Nga highly appreciated the efforts of Madam Le Nguyet Anh, Spouse of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Hoai Trung, Chairwoman of AWCH, Mrs. Tao Thanh Huong, Vice Chairwoman and other Members of the Executive Board of  AWCH in the past two years for having accomplished many meaningful activities, contributing to the strengthening of solidarity and friendship in ASEAN, actively contributing to the building of a unified ASEAN community as well as enhancing understanding of people about ASEAN. On behalf of AWCH’sExecutive Board members, Ambassador Nguyen Nguyet Nga also bid farewell to Madam Le Nguyet Anh, Mrs. Tao Thanh Huong, Madam Nguyen Minh Hanh and introduced Madam Tran Thi Bich Van, Spouse of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Quoc Dung as the newly appointed Chairwoman; Mrs. Trinh Tu Lan, Director General of Foreign Press Center MOFA, as Vice President; Mrs. Ta Phuong Dung as Secretary and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Van as Executive Board Member of AWCH.

On this occasion, Madam Marichu Servigon also introduced to AWCH members the culinary culture of the Philippines./.

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