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Thứ năm, ngày 24 tháng 05 năm 2018 Tìm kiếm
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High Tea of ASEAN Community Women’s Circle of Ha Noi

(MOFA) - On October 19, 2017, ASEAN Community Women’s Circle of Ha Noi (AWCH) had a cozy meeting at the High Tea hosted by Madam Dyah Prastyawati Hadi, Spouse of the Indonesian Ambassador.

At the meeting, members of AWCH discussed and exchanged ideas on participation in Food Festival organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, scheduled on December 10th, 2017. Food Festival is an annual event under the sponsorship of Ambassador Nguyen Nguyet Nga, Spouse of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Pham Binh Minh. AWCH members also had active discussion on common principles in planning the group’s  activities in 2018 with the aim to promote exchanges, to enhance understanding of ASEAN Community, of ASEAN people and countries, and to contribute to the building the Community as well.

On this occasion, AWCH members were introduced and invited to join the POCO - POCO dance with Madam Dyah Prastyawati Hadi and representatives of the Indonesian Women Empowerment Association of the Indonesian Embassy in Ha Noi. It is a traditional dance that has become official in Indonesia’s festivals since 2000. AWCH members were also invited to taste some delicious Indonesian traditional foods prepared by the Indonesian Embassy.

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