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Thứ ba, ngày 19 tháng 02 năm 2019 Tìm kiếm
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The AWCH group experienced cooking Vietnamese dishes

(Bao TG & VN) - The members of the ASEAN Community Women's Circle of Hanoi in Hanoi (AWCH Group), under the guidance of culinary artisan AnhTuyet, have cooked banana flower salad, seafood rolls and chicken noodle soup.


ASEAN Cultural Experience is an annual activity of the ASEAN Community Women's Circle in Hanoi (AWCH Group), on October 23, at the Culinary Artisan Anh Tuyet’s restaurant, members of the group had an experience of cooking Vietnamese dishes including banana flower salad, seafood rolls and chicken noodle soup.



Cooking Vietnamese food is the first activity in the series of activities to understand the culinary culture of ASEAN countries, which helps members of the group to have more acknowledge of Vietnamese cuisine and know how to enjoy it "in the right way".


The members made banana flower salad themselves under the guidance of culinary artisan Anh Tuyet. The ingredients for making this salad are simple and after this experience, the members can do it at home.


Artisan AnhTuyet instructed carefully on how to make banana flowers as well as how to keep its delicious and unique taste. This dish is easy to eat with sweet and sour taste. The crunchy banana flower, the fat peas and a little bit of peanuts made the members of the group extremely excited.


Right after completing the banana flower salad - a Vietnamese folk dish, the AWCH group experienced cooking seafood rolls.


The spouse of Indonesian ambassador in Vietnam carefully noted the recipes and tips to get the Vietnamese style seafood rolls by artisan Anh Tuyet in the instructing process.


The members of the group were excited and followed the detailed instructions.


Spouse of Malaysia Ambassador cooked seafood rolls.


Spouse of Myanmar Ambassador with her daughter made seafood rolls in the experience of making Vietnamese food. She is a new member of the AWCH team and this is her first time attending the group's activities.


Spouse of Myanmar Ambassador and her daughter show off the dish after completing.


Artisan Anh Tuyet instructed the members to fry the rolls after finishing the last steps. She also noted that rolls should be fried under 70 to 85-degree oil.

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