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EBSVNIN 04/3/2010 - “Traces of Indian Culture in Vietnam” by Geetesh Sharma (writer, social activist, chairman of the Indo-Vietnam Friendship Association of West Bengal) was launched by Dr. Karan Singh, eminent philosopher and thinker, President, Indian Council For Cultural Relations (ICCR) in March 10, 2010 in New Delhi in a packed house comprising writers, intellectuals, social and cultural activists.
Joginder Paul, an icon of Urdu Literature presided over the meeting and the Guest speakers included Mr. Nguyen Hoanh Son, Minster Councilor, Embassy of S.R. Vietnam in India and Mr. Jagdish Chandra Sharma, Former Ambassador of India in Vietnam and former Secretary of Ministry for External Affairs in India. Mr. Ashok Maheshwari, the renowned publisher who published the book welcomed the guests and Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi, well known educationist, proposed a vote of thanks.
The launched book provides a vivid factual account of age old cordial relations between India and Vietnam and its cultural impact on Vietnam. There are still two hundred Hindu Temples (Cham Towers) in Central Vietnam well preserved by the Govt. of Vietnam.
All the speakers stressed that India should provide more priority to further developing and strengthening friendly bonds with Vietnam which are ideal model since two thousand years including the modern age.
Dr. Karan Singh observed that ICCR may think in terms of opening an Indian Cultural Centre in Vietnam and will request the Ministry of Culture , Govt. of India to send a team of archaeologists to study the ancient Hindu temples and the vestiges of historical sites in Vietnam.
Dr. Karan Singh also express his high appreciation of the unceasing devotion of Mr. Geetesh Sharma in propagandizing and appealing the Indian Government, intellectual circle and common people to give more concerns towards the development of Indo-Vietnam relations, especially in the area of cultural and social affairs and at the people-to-people level. One can say that those efforts in this direction have been proactively backed and supported by the Embassy of Vietnam in India and resulted in a number of initiatives encouraging accomplishments including the mentioned valuable book.
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