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Tết - Lunar new year festival in Panama

On January 22nd 2012, a ceremony in celebration of the Traditional Tết Festival of the Year of Dragon was jubilantly held by the Vietnam Embassy in Panama. Present were the Embassy staff and families together with the Vietnamese community, students in Panama and close Panamanian friends.

At the event, H.E. Ambassador Hoàng Công Thúy made a few remarks expressing the feelings towards the native land of Vietnam on the part of the Embassy staff, the Vietnamese community members, businessmen and students living and working in Panama, as well as the strong determination to build the community more and more united, making further contributions to National construction and to the enhancement of the ties of friendship with the Panamanian people. He is strongly confident that with unity, hard work and mutual assistance the Vietnamese community in Panama will make a lot of achievements in the New Year of the Dragon.

 The Ambassador briefly informed the community of the great achievements of the Renovation Process made by our people under the leadership of the Party in the context of world’s economic and financial crisis, the increase of position and strength of the country in international arena, the important political and diplomatic milestones including the XI  National Congress of the Party and the 27th Conference on Foreign Affairs.

 The Ambassador highly appreciated the great efforts and will of the community to be successful in life and business, the support for victims of natural disasters, soldiers in distant islands and victims of Agent Orange dioxin. He also expressed special thanks for the presence of Panamanian friends who made important contributions during the 50th anniversary of Agent Orange Tragedy in Vietnam.
 In the jubilant atmosphere in Panama full of sunshine and warm friendship the Vietnam community shared their thoughts and feelings about their families, life and work; enjoyed traditional dishes skillfully prepared by the wives of the community and sang Vietnamese songs.

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