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Vietnamese, US Presidents hold historic talks

US President George W. Bush and Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet held talks on ratcheting up ties, particularly in the areas of trade and economics at the White House, on June 22.

At the talks, the two leaders shared the view that Viet Nam-US bilateral ties were developing extremely positively and that their relationship was about to enter into a new arena.

The two sides also agreed to maintain a regular dialogue on economic and commercial ties and promote cooperation in science, technology, education and the settlement of residual concerns that still remain from the Viet Nam War.

The two Presidents were also unanimous in their desire to support the Vietnamese community in the US and use the community to serve as a bridge between the two countries.

President Bush recalled his warm impression of Viet Nam while visiting for the 2006 APEC meeting and thanked the Vietnamese government and people for welcoming him and his wife so warmly and said he was ecstatic about Viet Nam's dynamic economic development and believed that Viet Nam would play an increasingly important role in Asia in general.

The leader of the world's largest economy did say however, that he hoped the Vietnamese Government would become more active in offering incentives for US businesses wishing to invest and operate in Asia's second fastest growing economy.

The US President also praised Viet Nam's efforts on education and thanked the Vietnamese Government and people for their cooperation in the search for American servicemen missing in action from the Viet Nam War.

President Bush concluded by outlaying a US plan to increase assistance to Viet Nam in HIV/ AIDS control and aiding programmes that focus on reducing the impact of Agent Orange/dioxins that were sprayed heavily throughout the country during the war.

At the meeting, President Triet relayed Viet Nam's achievements in both domestic and foreign affairs and said that the country would continue with its foreign policy of supporting independence, diversification and multilateralisation. Viet Nam places a great deal of importance on its relationship with the US for the benefit of both countries and the security and development in Asia as a whole, the visiting President said.

The Vietnamese leader went on to pledge to undertake all endeavours possible to aid the US in locating and repatriating the remains of American soldiers left behind after the war while asking the leader of the world's largest economy to continue with its aid programmes in the Southeast Asian nation.(VNA)

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