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Vietnam - Palestine Relations

1/ Background information:

- 1968: Vietnam established ties with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

- 1976: The PLO opened its resident Representative Office in Vietnam.

- 1982: With Vietnam’s consent, the PLO's  resident Representative Office was elevated to the Embassy status.

- 19th November 1988: Vietnam recognized the State of Palestine and officially transformed the PLO’s resident Representative Office into the Embassy of the State of Palestine. Vietnam also extended financial assistance to the latter in terms of expenses of its premise, accommodation for its staff members, means of transportation as well as salaries for 4 Vietnamese local employees.

In addition to its strong and consistent political support for the just struggle of the Palestinian people, Vietnam has, within its capacity, extended material assistance to the Palestine. By the end of 1970s, a number of Palestinian military and political cadres had received training in Vietnam. In 1995, Vietnam donated to the Palestine 2,000 police uniforms and 1,000 tons of rice equivalent to 314,000 USD.

In March 2000, in coordination with the United Nations, Vietnam played host to the Asian region U.N Conference on Palestine.

2/ Exchanges of delegations:


The late PLO Chairman Y. Arafat visited Vietnam 10 times, with his last trip conducted on 24th August 2001.

1990: Director-General of the PLO‘s Economic Department visited Vietnam.

1994: Director-General of the PLO‘s Political Department visited Vietnam.

May 2000: Deputy Minister for Planning and International Cooperation visited Vietnam.


1992: Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Dzy Nien, Special Envoy of the Chairman of the State Council visited the PLO Headquarter in Tunisia.

1994: Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Khanh visited the PLO Headquarter in Tunisia.

Concluded Agreements:

Agreement on Economic, Commercial, Cultural and Scientific Cooperation (in 1992).

Trade Agreement (in 1994).


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