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Vice President meets various state leaders

Vice State President Truong My Hoa met with the Secretary General of the International Francophone Organisation (OIF) and more than 10 delegations of state leaders and senior officials from French-speaking countries during the 11th summit of the OIF in Bucharest, Romania.

During her meetings, including meetings with the heads of state and senior officials from Laos, Cambodia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Benin, Croatia, Madagascar, Mali and the Francophone Community of Belgians, all foreign parties, particularly African ones, expressed their admiration for the Vietnamese people during their national defence and construction.

Almost all African countries spoke highly of Viet Nam's cooperation, especially tripartite cooperation in agriculture. They said that this model of cooperation practically and efficiently aided food security programmes of the African countries which always live under the threat of famine.

Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi stressed that Tunisia and Viet Nam should review their cooperation over the past years in order to map out a programme of action in the future.

Benin's President Thomas Yayi Boni expressed his desire to visit Viet Nam so as to exchange cooperative measures in the future, with a view to reducing poverty for Benin, where 70 percent of population are living under poverty.

The OIF Secretary General, Apdou Diouf, said that his special sentiment towards Viet Nam has been maintained since he was the President of Senegal in the past as well as in the current capacity as the head of the OIF. He recalled the efficient model of tripartite agricultural cooperation between Viet Nam, Senegal and the Food and Agriculture Organisation, which was then multiplied and implemented in various African countries.

Swiss President Moritz Leuenberger also expressed his admiration for Viet Nam's policies, particularly the country's achievements in achieving equity for women.

In her meetings with the OIF Secretary General as well as with leaders from developed countries, such as France and Switzerland, and the Francophone Community of Belgians, Vice President Hoa made various proposals for providing financial support for the tripartite cooperation model in education and information technology application among developing countries.

Informatics equipment aids should be given to schools in remote areas in French-speaking countries and the exchange of experiences in education and distant training and cooperation among universities of the Francophone community should be boosted, the Vietnamese Vice State President advised.

She also proposed that the OIF consider assisting the Institute of Francophone Informatics of the Ha Noi University of Technology to become a high-standard informatics training centre in the French-speaking countries in Southeast Asia.

The OIF and developed countries recognised Vice President Hoa's proposals and praised Viet Nam for its serious participation in the issue. They promised to consider her recommendations and co-ordinate with Viet Nam in implementing relevant projects in the future (VNA)./.

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