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Vietnam highlights UN initiative

VOV 15/10/2010 - The Social Protection Floor is a humanitarian initiative, expressing the UN’s objectives of bringing peace, cooperation, and development to countries around the world, said Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

PM Dung said this at a reception for Michelle Bachelet, Chairwoman of the UN’s Social Protection Floor Advisory Group.

In addition to economic growth, Vietnam is paying more attention to ensuring social equality and environmental protection, said the PM, adding that the country is now implementing 40 programmes and policies related to social protection. Thanks to effective implementation of its sustainable development stratety, Vietnam can maintain its high economic growth rate of 7 percent despite the global economic crisis.

However, he said, Vietnam is still a developing country with low incomes. Increasing investment in education, healthcare, and per capita incomes is still a challenge. Vietnam needs support from UN organisations to make its social programmes effective.

Ms. Bachelet expressed her admiration for Vietnam’s recent achivements in social protection and said that the model should be expanded.

Vietnam is a good model of the UN initiative, which should be mentioned in the programme’s report, she said, adding that the UN will keep an eye on Vietnam and do its best to aid Vietnam’s development.

Ms. Bachelet was confident that although there are still numerous challenges,  Vietnam will continue to make progress in social protection through its close operation with international organisations.

The UN’s Social Protection Floor includes basic social security rights in employment, health, water, nutrition, education, and family-support, to help poor and vulnerable people work their way out of poverty.

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