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Structure of the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry

I. The Ministry's leaders: The Minister, Deputy Ministers;

II. Assistants to the Minister;

III. Departments (dept):
1.  ASEAN Department
2.  Europe Department
3.  Americas Department
4.  North East Asia Department
5.  South East Asia - South Asia - South Pacific Department
6.  Middle East - Africa Department
7.  Policy Planning Department
8.  International Organizations Department
9.  Law and International Treaties Department
10.  Multilateral Economic Cooperation Department
11.  Economic Affairs Department
12.  Cultural Diplomacy and UNESCO Affairs Department
13.  Press and Information Department
14.  Emulation- Commendation and Diplomatic Tradition Department
15.  Personnel and Organization Department
16.  Office of the Ministry
17.  Inspection Department
18.  Information Security Department
19.  Department of Foreign Affairs Provincial
20.  Consular Department
21.  State Protocol Department
22.  Adminstrative and Financial Department
23.  Ho Chi Minh City’s Department for External Relations
24.  State Commission on Overseas Vietnamese
25.  National Border Committee
26.  Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam (DAV)
27.  Viet Nam and the World Report
28.  Foreign Press Center
29.  National Interpretation and Translation Center
30.  Information Center
31.  Overseas Representative  Missions of Viet Nam

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Last modified 10-07-2017

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