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Canadian newspaper: Vietnam closes the past, opening to foreign investment

A Canadian journalist, Marcuss Gee, on Nov 9 ran an article in the “Globe and Mail” newspaper on Vietnam saying that the country nowadays has come to terms with its past and is now open to foreign investment.

The article described the worries and thoughts of Nguyen Thanh Tam, a Vietnamese businessman, about difficulties in his country after the American war and his determination to become richer and bring more wealth to his country.

The article went on to say that Vietnam has successfully applied the experiences of other developing countries in Asia in welcoming foreign investors and participating in international trade. Vietnam has nearly caught up with India in receiving foreign investment and has become the 150th member of the WTO. This has raised Vietnam’s economic development to be become ranked as the fastest in Asia.

In foreign affairs, Vietnam openly cooperates with many other countries and became an active member of the Southeast Asia Association of Nations in 1995. It was elected as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council last month and last year successfully hosted the Asia-Pacific Economic Region Forum meeting in Hanoi.

The author quoted Canadian expert Pierre Lize'e, who used to live in Hanoi, as saying that Vietnam is building its own new identity and wants to expand economic cooperation, overcome the aftermath of war and join in global affairs while modernising so it can properly contribute in the world arena. (CPV)

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