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Situation in Muong Nhe district stable

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nguyen Phuong Nga briefed the media on the current situation in Muong Nhe District, Dien Bien Province at the Regular Press Conference May 12, 2011

There has recently been some exaggerated and false information on the situation in Muong Nhe District, spread around under ill intentions to distort policies of the State of Viet Nam and the actual situation in Viet Nam. It should be made clear that Viet Nam is a unified country of 54 ethnic groups. The Vietnamese State pays special attention to implementing policies of equality, solidarity, respect and mutual help among ethnic groups, creating favorable conditions for them to develop and to be attached closely to the overall development of ethnic communities in Viet Nam.

Ensuring the rights of ethnic minorities is always a high priority that Viet Nam embodies in laws and policies and implements through national programs, which have earned achievements recognized by the international community. Recently, the U.N. independent expert on minority issues has visited Viet Nam and expressed high appreciation of the political wills, policies, measures and programs that Viet Nam undertakes in protecting the rights of ethnic groups in all fields.

Muong Nhe is a border district of Dien Bien Province. Benefiting the State's investment and the efforts of the people, Muong Nhe has seen life of ethnic people getting bettered. Many key government programs such as Program 134, Program 135, Program 167 ... have been implemented to help ethnic people to alleviate poverty. The poverty rate falls by 5% per year. Roads have been built to connect communes and districts in the province. In 2009, Muong Nhe implemented socio-economic development projects with a fund totaling nearly VND 6,000 billion for the period 2009-2020 to ensure rapid and sustainable reduction of poverty.

In late April and early May 2011, some extremist elements deceived, incited, induced or even forced H’Mong people to gather in Muong Nhe District. They advocated the so-called "Establishment of the Kingdom of H’Mong" and disturbed public order and security, affecting life and work of the people. Due to adverse weather condition, unhygienic food and unsanitary lodging, some people felt sick. One child was dead consequently.

In such circumstance, the local authorities and people organizations in Muong Nhe came and talked to the people to help them realize the plots and tricks played by bad elements. As the result, people understood, got convinced and voluntarily returned home. The local authorities have provided people with transportation, food, medicine or money to help them stabilize their living. Some extremists have been detained for investigation and handling in accordance with the law.

Security and order in Muong Nhe is stable. Local authorities and the people are working on preparation for the upcoming elections of the National Assembly and the People's Councils at different levels as scheduled.

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