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FAO official appreciates Viet Nam's anti-bird flu efforts

(VNA) - "Viet Nam has made very good progress in developing a compensation strategy for farmers during avian influenza outbreaks," according to Anni McLeod, a livestock policy senior officer of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).

She made the comment while speaking with the Viet Nam News Agency during the APEC Capacity Building Seminar on Avian Influenza in Hoi An ancient town, Quang Nam province, on Sept. 13.

Topics addressed at the seminar focused on preventing avian influenza (AI) at its source and compensation for breeders. The seminar commenced on Sept. 12.

"One thing that is very interesting in Viet Nam is that after the first outbreak of AI, Viet Nam reviewed its compensation policy and eventually changed it," Anni said.

She said her organisation believes quite strongly that compensation is important and it should be implemented by the government or by a state-owned agency.

The FAO has provided technical assistance and training as well as materials to help Viet Nam combate any future AI outbreak, Anni said.

During the last two years, Anni, who works at the Livestock Information, Sector Analysis and Policy Branch of the Animal Production and Health Division of the FAO's Agriculture Department, has visited Viet Nam nine times and she said she enjoyed working with the Vietnamese government and people.

"It [Viet Nam] is a dynamic country, it is changing very quickly and there are a lot of things going on, so it's very rewarding to come to work here," Anni said.

She also said that she was impressed with Viet Nam’s organisation of the APEC Senior Officials' Meeting and related meetings./.

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